American Roulette – Do Not Wager on It, Gamble on European Roulette To Win Large

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European roulette wheels only as your chances of winning are greater. There’s absolutely no rationale whatsoever to bet on American roulette, unless you would like horrible odds and much less luck of succeeding!

European Roulette is as much fun as American roulette and the only distinction is the double zero that makes the probabilities worse on the American wheel.

Lets look at why and how to wager on Roulette and make some cash with the odds in your favour.

The casino advantage

American roulette, wheels have 38 spots with "0" and a double zero. The European version has thirty seven spots with just a zero. So what difference does this make to the probabilities of success?

With the extra zero in American roulette, the house has a 5.3 per-cent benefit where as with European roulette; the casino has just a two point seven per-cent edge.

So why wager on American roulette when the house edge is nearly double?

Roulette is a casino game of luck

In any casino game of chance betting either European or American roulette, the house edge is the house advantage and cannot be changed.

Keep in mind roulette is a pure casino game of luck and a roulette ball has no memory if the ball lands on black once or fifty times the chances of it falling on black the next time are practically fifty-fifty.

So, we can observe that with fixed odds in a game of chance the very best we can do is get the chances in our favour as much as possible, that means never playing American Roulette only European.

Getting the odds in your favour

We’ve already observed that by betting different wheels that we can get the odds against us down, on the other hand we can receive the probabilities down even more if we know the best way to bet. So what exactly are the very best bets to place?

As it’s a game of luck you would like the wagers with the most effective chances of paying out and these are likely to be wagers that have the small payouts and mirror the stake.

As an example wagering on red / black even / odd.

Here you will win about 45 per-cent of the time, making it a very very good method to bet that will maximize your bank roll.

The very best bet with the very best odds

Another benefit of European over American Roulette is the chance to place the wager below which has the best probabilities of any wager and therefore gives you the best luck of succeeding! The wager ‘en prison.’ Is the best to place and works like this: Whenever you produce an even money bet and the ball hits on zero, you don’t lose your wager. Instead, your bet is ‘imprisoned’ and you carry it forward to the subsequent wager on If your bet succeeds, you take it off the table. The casino edge on this wager is just one point three five percent which is really a incredibly small house edge for a casino game of luck wager.

In conclusion

There isn’t any difference in the betting experience between European and American Roulette your chances are just better in the second casino game so this is game to bet on.

In any game of chance you want to be able to lay the bets with the most effective odds, American roulette does not offer you this and European Roulette does – no contest!

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